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Agreements & Policies


We assist our clients in reviewing and negotiating all sorts of agreements from complex sale and delivery of SaaS or services to sales or technology partnerships. 


In all cases, it is essential to assess risk associated with each agreement, and understanding the nature and scope of obligations in the agreement, as well as statement of work (“SOW”), privacy policy, and other schedules.

DURAND has been involved in the drafting and review of numerous agreements with Global Fortune 500 companies helping our clients grow revenue, expand capacity, or license IP.


With our experience in SaaS, the focus is less on licensing and more on the Service Level Agreement (SLAs). This covers topics like uptime requirements, speed, and responsiveness. Particular attention is also paid to insurance obligations, IT/IS requirements (e.g., security and privacy requirements), payment and termination terms that can either add or remove value of the contract.  

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