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Business Strategy Services


Board of Directors / Advisors 

All companies need help at some point. Having a qualified business leader or lawyer on your board can significantly help your company navigate your problems.


Having the right person with the right experience or professional network can be critical to winning a contract, getting funding, doing M&A or growing your company to the next level. At DURAND, we have helped many companies for short and long term mandates that have had transformational results.     


Weather it's improving your sales process, expanding to new markets to improving your marketing collateral to reach the right decision-maker, our experience working with high growth companies can help you tune your go-to-market strategy and stop waiting time. We pride ourselves in helping our clients grow with each and every deal. 

Demand Generation 2.0

With many companies, the core issue for success or failure can be attributed to one thing, sales.  With so many clients in emerging and fast paced industries, building a sales pipeline is not what most law firms do, except that we are not most law firms. 

At DURAND, our seasoned entrepreneurs have sold first hand how to layer marketing tools and processes in order to teach our clients the art of Demand Generation. The 2.0 model is an internet based sales processes that will improve lead generation, automation, content marketing, outbound selling and resulting in an increase in sales qualified leads. 

Culture & Human Resources

Employees and employment contracts are an important part of the law and certainly DURAND, has helped many companies and employees navigate various issues from termination, severance, intellectual property ownership, privacy and compensation. 

However, the best HR strategy is to have no problems at all. That is the business result out clients want. In this case DURAND not only helps companies create a policy that protects themselves from problems, but can also advise on building a world-class culture to make sure you are hiring the right people for your company. Time after time it has been proven that a strong organizational culture will align, attract and repel the right people and keep you out of court. 


Our award-winning entrepreneurs have build and taught other companies on how to be great, and the result is not only a fun working environment but a significant decline in HR issues.  



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