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Video Games

Driven by our passion for video games, Durand Lawyers is excited to offer our cumulative experience in the fields of intellectual property, SaaS, Data Security and contract negotiations. Whether you are a brand-new studio looking to ensure you start out on the right foot, an established one looking to expand, or an international publisher who requires assistance with existing or future projects, we are happy to help. Durand Lawyers can offer you top-tier services in multiple fields of law, including:

Intellectual Property

  • Trademark filing, representation and enforcement.

  • Performing copyright audits and chain of title verifications to ensure IP rights are accounted for.

  • Drafting and negotiating licensing agreements.

Industry-tailored agreements

  • Drafting or reviewing your development, publishing or distribution agreements.

  • Drafting or reviewing your employment and independent contractor agreements, whether you are adding to your team from a talent pool within Canada or abroad.

Privacy & Data Security

  • Providing legal advisory services on privacy, cybersecurity compliance, and cross-border data transfer.

  • Drafting or reviewing privacy policies and terms of service.

Litigation and negotiation

  • Representing you before the CNESST with respect to an employee or contractor disagreement.

  • Assisting you with respect to administrative, civil and commercial proceedings.

Business development

  • Assisting you with incorporation or financing;

  • Improving sales process or expanding to new markets; and

  • Developing a Human Resources strategy, including immigration needs through our comprehensive network.

Feel free to contact us, as we are always happy to sit down and build a comprehensive legal strategy for your business. 

Let our talented team help you contribute to an ever-expanding industry. We know we'll be able to match your team's enthusiasm. 

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