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Minimum Viable Intellectual Property


Start-ups and innovators have long understood the term MVP to mean Minimum Viable Product. While a company may be in a rush to get a product to market, they also need to consider the intellectual property needed along the way. For this reason, DURAND Lawyers, has developed a service to develop or optimize, customize, and manage an IP roadmap unique to you.


What is MVIP (Minimum Viable Intellectual Property) ?


MVIP is what most businesses and startups want. It’s the blend between what the IP lawyers and agents will tell you to get and what the businesses can actually afford. Said another way, it’s the "Goldilocks approach"; not too much, not too little, just right.


What can MVIP do for you? During the development or creation of new products and services, DURAND Lawyers ensures that steps are taken to adequately protect your business so that you don’t accidentally miss an opportunity or take on a massive risk. We know that at this stage, companies are most often innovating, and the end product or service may not yet be known. It’s important to get what you need, when you need it, and delay unnecessary expenses. While applying for patents and trademarks in multiple jurisdictions, is possible, it is rarely needed at the start of your business venture.


For that reason, finding the right mix between when to secure IP rights, publish, or protect information by way of contract, amongst other mechanisms, is key.


What does our MVIP-as-a-Service (MVIPaaS) entail?


Most companies assign engineers, scientists and/or other technical professionals to be responsible for research and development, as well as innovation.  DURAND Lawyers offers MVIP-as-a-Service to assist businesses in project management, portfolio oversight when it comes to the IP assets they are creating and/or disclosing to the public, including competitors. This includes working with businesses during various phases of innovation, product scaling, geographical expansion, creating new and/or even selling the IP you’ve worked to secure.


Why hire DURAND Lawyers?


Our professionals have many years experience blending law and business together. MVIPaaS came from our years working with high-tech and innovative clients to personalize an IP strategy which is tailored to your needs and executed over several years. We understand the need to gradually invest in IP as you grow, and we will be there to help build an IP roadmap and budget that is unique to you.

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