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SaaS & Technology


SaaS & Technology companies have unique needs from start up to exit. With over 20 years experience in the industry, DURAND’s advisors and lawyers understand the market, the standards, and how to help our clients grow.   


How quickly you grow and scale often depends on your sales cycle and how quickly SaaS agreements can be negotiated and closed. Depending on your business model, this may be a simple online transaction or a complex negotiation with a multi-national corporation. Either way, SaaS companies should look to make the process as automated and repeatable as possible. However, small changes in contract language can have a dramatic impact on your business and SaaS valuations. Having experienced SaaS advisors, on demand, is valuable. So, whether you are looking for a single agreement, a sales template, or building a sales contracting process, we are able to assist. Examples of our services include:


  • Drafting SaaS agreements, including master services, reseller, and partnership agreements, amongst others;

  • Represent clients during the sales cycle to negotiate SaaS terms (e.g., privacy, cybersecurity, insurance, IP, termination, etc.) with potential customers and their procurement departments;

  • Responding to RFP questionnaires and risk assessments.



Enterprise SaaS Contracts


For many companies, the idea of landing a large company (the “beachhead”) as a customer or reseller will be game changing. Larger companies for their part are risk adverse and generally oblige smaller SaaS providers in using their “templates” under pretense that the process will go quicker or that they only sign their template. While this rarely happens in practice and signing their agreement may help “speed up the process”, you can be exposing your business to unnecessary risk and liability, as well as lower your business’s valuation.


DURAND’s advisors and lawyers have assisted SaaS providers negotiate all kinds of SaaS agreements with Fortune 500 companies, ranging from retail companies to financial institutions, as well as government contracts, which must adhere to further regulatory compliance.


While each scenario is different, the timeline for these deals can take months and require multiple revisions. In all cases, the goal is to keep moving the deal forward, identify risks or showstoppers early on in the process, as well as turn around redlines as quickly as possible to keep deal momentum.  Why DURAND?


Why DURAND for SaaS? 


As growing SaaS entrepreneurs, you need everyone on the same page. Delegating tasks to people you trust is key to your success, both inside your company and with outside advisors. You get things done faster, with less drama all while protecting you for the future.  Having both law and business advisors on your team is definitely a value-add, because we’ve already done it.


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